The Perfect Addition to the Ration

Most of the agricultural land in South Africa (70%) is non-arable land. The only way to turn this otherwise “useless” grazing into food that can be utilised by humans, is to have it extensively grazed and turned into animal protein by ruminants (cattle and sheep). These animals convert low quality grazing into meat with the help of rumen microbes, which unlock the nutrients to the animals. To facilitate and enhance this process, we have created a RUMI product range of supplements that ranges from concentrates that can be mixed with the farmer's own grains and roughages, to ready-to-use supplements, as well as complete feeds for all facets of extensive and intensive farming. Our product range caters for all needs from fetal growth pre-partum, to terminal rations in a feedlot. Combining these various options with our expertise and knowledge of practical applications, we take pride in walking the distance with each customer, to take them from whatever level they are at to the next.