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Dairy Cattle

De Heus' Cattle Feed

De Heus produces a wide range of  feed for Dairy Cattle. We not only provide regular mash, but also concentrates, mineral mix, supplementary feed for cows and even for customized solutions.

A custom approach for each Dairy Farm

De Heus offers a wide range of cattle feed and related products and services for:

Our focus

Your business is our starting point. The operating conditions differ due to forage production and quality, farm size, labour requirements, degree of automation and for different short and longer term requirements.

Technical Advisors

Our Technical Advisors are proactive; they have an entrepreneurial perspective and seek for improvements and higher returns for your business every day. These motives and our integrated approach regarding counselling, products, and our range of practical concepts, enable them to provide the correct advice and to help you to achieve the best results in your business.