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Specialists in the De Heus dairy research department have developed a balanced, economic rearing plan for calves, called Kaliber, which focusing on the various stages of the process from birth, through weaning, young growth, puberty, and finally to insemination and gestation. This well-balanced programme ensures higher lifetime production; lower rearing costs, and results in strong, healthy cows with sturdy frames and well- developed rumens. All feeds are produced after extensive research on the De Heus research farms and are accompanied by hands-on advice from skilled technical advisors that tend to every customer’s specific requirements.

Technical Advisors

Our Technical Advisors are proactive; they have an entrepreneurial perspective and seek for improvements and higher returns for your business every day. These motives and our integrated approach regarding counselling, products, and our range of practical concepts, enable them to provide the correct advice and to help you to achieve the best results in your business.