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Dry Cows

De Heus’ dry period plan offers a four-phase approach towards healthier cows with problem-free calving and an excellent start to lactation. These feeds are specially balanced and controlled for cows’needs according to each stage, focusing on potential problems such as rumen adaption, prevention of ketosis, milk fever and a negative energy balance. Heath, accommodation and good hygiene, dry period management and climate are critical factors for success during this phase. The De Heus technical advisors offer all customers on-site advice after evaluation of their individual circumstances to ensure an optimal start to lactation.

The aim of feeding any dry cow during the dry period is to aid the cow in an adaption phase of 21 days before calving. During this phase rumen microbes get the chance to adapt to the oncoming dairy rations and a smooth transfer form dry period to lactating phase is established.

Cattle specialists

Our cattle specialists are proactive; they have an entrepreneurial perspective and seek for improvements and higher returns for your business every day. These motives and our integrated approach regarding counselling, products, and our range of practical concepts, enable them to provide the correct advice and to help you to achieve the best results in your business.