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With a rapidly growing world population and rising standards of living, demands on agriculture and food production are increasing. Food production must be optimised and made accessible in a responsible manner. As a leading supplier of nutritional products for animals, De Heus directly supports the performance of farmers, the producers of animal protein such as meat, milk, eggs, and fish.

Besides delivering high quality feeds, we also offer in-depth knowledge about nutrition, animal health, animal husbandry and animal farming, helping customers achieve efficiency and make technological progress. We also help farmers improve their ecological footprint.

“Every day, we work towards creating better access to safe and healthy food for a growing world population. We do so by providing our customers with the products and services they need to look after their animals and manage the sustainable development of their businesses.”

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Our Feed types

Each farm is different, requiring its own specific animal feed concept. The animals and their environment are key here.

De Heus develops and produces nutritional products that are adapted to each stage of the animal’s life and are based on the individual farm situation and the farmer’s objectives. Our nutritional products range from:  

Our customers

We are a fully-fledged nutritional supplier producing compound feed, premixes, concentrates and feed specialties for our customers worldwide.


Small scale and large scale livestock and aquaculture farmers


Integrations that produce their own feed


Dealers who service local farmers

Collaboration on the farm, that is the De Heus difference

Every day, our on-the-farm approach gives us valuable knowledge and insights to support thousands of farms all over the world.

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Research and Development

We consider the entire supply chain and continue to expand our knowledge across all areas.  We collaborate with partners at every stage of the chain including companies focused on animal genetics as well as slaughter houses.  To further our knowledge and experience, we also collaborate closely with leading scientific research institutes and test / research farms, located around the world.


Benefit from our full range of on the farm services

We offer the latest insights and information from across the globe. Our specialists are involved in the development and application of many novel technologies and take special care to share their learnings among their network. All this has a huge beneficial impact on the farmer’s results.