The ostrich is the world's largest living bird. In the past, the ostrich tended to be regarded as a single product animal. Today, it is used for its feathers, hide, meat and eggs. As with other poultry species, the most critical time is the first period of the ostrich's life. An ostrich chick requires good care, a balanced diet containing all the essential nutrients in optimal quantities, and the right temperature during brooding up to the age of four months. De Heus provides nutritional solutions for the whole lifecycle of the ostrich and helps you achieve your production goals.

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For farmers producing ostrich meat, feathers, hide and/or eggs, De Heus develops solutions based on its experience in leading ostrich producing countries. For ostrich farmers, the health and technical performance of their animals are crucial. The nutritional solutions and management services provided by De Heus are tailored to and suitable for all production goals, housing systems and climate. This enables De Heus to add value, in a sustainable way, to the performance of any ostrich farmer. With respect to ostrich nutrition, we aim to meet the requirements for optimal production. With tailored nutritional solutions and management support.


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At De Heus we are continuously looking into ways to further optimize feed costs. On one hand we do this by smart sourcing of ingredients and optimizing our production processes. On the other hand we continue to further improve and optimize the feed composition, resulting in improved nutrient utilization and performance of your ostriches. Optimization can be done by e.g. better understanding the nutrient requirements of the ostrich at different ages (precision feeding), but also by studying individual (novel) ingredients with respect to digestibility and nutrient availability to the bird. Lastly, also latest feed production technologies can help to improve feed quality and nutrient availability.

Feed, water, light and climate are the most important factors that determine the production potential of your flock. Also, it is the combination of all these factors that create the best circumstances for optimal health and performance. Fortunately, at De Heus we have both nutrition and management specialists who can help you with this. From a nutritional point of view it is all about the right nutrients, provided in the right amount and at the right time. Based on own research results and in collaboration with others, we continuously refine our feeding recommendations to make sure you can achieve the optimal results from our end. Because there are so many factors involved in optimizing the performance of your ostriches, please contact a specialist to discuss your options and to receive an advice based on your specific situation.

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