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Improving your animals' health

The growing demand for healthy and welfare-friendly meat means keeping animals healthy is more important than ever. It also means improved performance and fewer antibiotics on your farm. Which is a win-win-win!

Boosting your animals' natural power

The De Heus Natural Power programme provides targeted solutions to improve animal health and optimise performance. It also supports the responsible use of antibiotics.

Our hands-on approach will help you achieve:

  • Healthier, more robust animals
  • Improved performance and increased efficiency
  • Disease management through vaccination, better hygiene and biosecurity
  • Prudent use of antibiotics

More about the Natural Power programme

We know you're committed to efficient and sustainable farming practices that deliver results – which means healthy, highly productive animals are a must. Learn more about the key drivers of animal health: balanced nutrition combined with effective health and management strategies.

Learn more about the Natural Power programme

How can you achieve more efficient farming and maximise results?

Together, we'll consider the different areas of your farm, and analyse best practices according to a few fundamental pillars: nutrition, farm and health management. This walk-through is backed by our On-farm Scan, which helps generate a plan tailored to the specific goals and action points of your farm. The power of the programme lies in its practical approach, and its customisability when it comes to improving farm productivity and animal health.

Natural Power

Dedicated to animal health


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Ensuring optimal water quality is important to keep animals healthy and ensure optimal performance. This can be assessed through four different means: visual, sensory (taste/smell), chemical analysis and microbiological analysis.

Good intestinal health depends on the right balance between an animal's diet, immune health and quality of gut microbiota. As a farmer, there are several steps you can take to maintain this delicate balance in your animals.