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Milking your animals with our Syncfos concept

Milking your animals with our Syncrofos Concept

The basis of dairy cow nutrition is roughage. Up to seventy-five percent of all digestion can be done in the rumen. 

SyncroFOS Concept

Up to seventy-five percent of all digestion can be done in the rumen. To add to that, roughage is usually the most cost-effective form of energy and protein available to the dairy farmer. With this being said, it only makes sense if the goal of every dairy farmer would be to make the most efficient use of roughages produced on the farm.

Too often in dairy nutrition, not enough attention is given to rumen function and poor rumen function. Ineffective rumen function is also often fixed by using larger quantities of concentrate or expensive bypass products, which often worsen the problem. A more even distribution of energy release would be more ideal to keep the rumen environment favourable for microbial function and roughage digestion.  To have the right protein and energy but to make it available to rumen microbes at incorrect times also decreases efficiency.


Figure 1: Graphic illustration of rumen synchronization

As illustrated by figure 1 you can give someone (rumen microbes) bricks and cement and he’s got what he needs to build a wall. But give him the cement a couple of hours after the bricks and you severely decrease his efficiency in building the wall. The rumen functions in a similar fashion.

In short, the key is not merely having the right energy and protein supplied to the rumen but supplying the right quality energy and protein at the right time. This is what De Heus calls rumen synchronization and in essence, the focus lies on feeding rumen microbes to their full potential so they can make full use of roughages.


The above-mentioned requires a good understanding of how the rumen functions and especially how different kinds of roughages and raw materials are broken down into their original building blocks for efficient use by rumen microbes.



Figure 2: Illustration of digestion patterns of different carbohydrates sources in the rumen


Figure 2 shows that different raw materials release energy at different times in the rumen. Different protein sources are degraded in a similar fashion. If this is used to synchronize rumen digestion it improves rumen efficiency, rumen health and the overall utilization of roughage.


This forced De Heus to develop a more efficient way to utilize on-the-farm nutrient sources, which are farm-produced roughages. Thus, De Heus has spent many years on research perfecting synchronization and in doing so developed the patented SynchroFOS system which is used worldwide in De Heus dairy nutrition nowadays.


The SynchroFOS system uses the knowledge De Heus has gained on the fermentation patterns of different kinds of roughages and raw materials in order to improve the synchronization of the rumen environment and to optimize the digestion of all dietary ingredients. This results in better utilization of roughages from this system and in turn allows the farmer to cut down on concentrate costs, which is the highest input cost on any dairy farm on a month to month basis.


When one makes use of larger quantities of roughages it is also necessary to realise the importance of good quality roughage as a basis. The better the quality of roughage produced on-farm the smaller the amount of additional feed that is required. Because De Heus wants to become a partner in a farmer’s business in the long term, De Heus, together with farmers, also started focusing, on finding ways of improving the quality of roughage on the farm. The results of these programmes are evident in the improvement shown in the roughage quality of dairy farmers in South Africa over the last few years.


Supplying the right quantity and quality of protein and energy at the right moment by integrating the knowledge from the SynchroFOS system with tools and concepts such as Labo Expert, for an in-depth analysis, and Feed Expert for tailored on-farm rations. The in-depth analysis of the digestion patterns of each raw material is then put together to synchronize the release of energy and protein within the rumen. This improves the rumen environment and health. Added value is better longevity, better reproduction and better margin.

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