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About us

Progress is in our genes

Royal De Heus is an international company whose core business is the production and marketing of high quality animal feeds. Since its founding in 1911, the company continually grew to become one of the largest players in the Dutch compound feed industry. The growth in the Netherlands was achieved through organic growth and acquisitions. From the late 90's we also placed strong emphasis on international expansions. Due to rapid expansion outside the Netherlands, De Heus is now among the top 15 feed suppliers in the world.

Outside South Africa, De Heus is operating in more than 50 countries, including subsidiaries in Poland, Russia, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Ethiopia and Vietnam. De Heus is also active in the Chinese and Brazilian markets. In China, we formed a strategic alliance with De Heus Wellhope Agri-Tech Co. Ltd. De Heus is active in many foreign markets through the export of concentrates, mainly in Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Worldwide, the company has more than 4.200 employees, including 450 in South Africa. The headquarters is in Ede-Wageningen, in The Netherlands