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Animal nutrition


Keeping animals healthy while optimising their performance; this is of interest to our customers and ourselves. This is our area of expertise and the area in which we want to excel. Like our customers, we are entrepreneurs. By being involved in our customers' business every day, we understand what matters to them, what matters in agriculture and what the requirements are. Our nutritional knowledge, feeding strategies and business concepts help our customers move forward with all relevant aspects of their business.

Making nutritional knowledge applicable

Because we operate worldwide and have partnerships with international research institutes, farmers and other stakeholders all over the world, we are able to gather large amounts of knowledge from all international markets. This enables us to create new global insights. Our goal with this knowledge is simple. We strive to translate this knowledge into practice as quickly as possible and apply it where needed, independently of the country or the farmer. By sharing this knowledge and experience with our specialists all over the world, we are able to translate this gathered knowledge into tailored feeding strategies and business services for every customer.

So we are more than just a supplier of animal feed and we do more than merely gathering knowledge. Above all, we create practical applications, products and tools for our customers in order to help them reach their goals. That’s what drives us.