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Continually enriching our nutritionl knowledge and experience and the drive to challenge, stimulate and improve ourselves every day, forms the basis of our progress. We strongly believe in the power of collaboration. We work together with livestock farmers, national and international partners, such as the University of Toronto in Canada and Wageningen University in The Netherlands. The goal is always the same: to incorporate this knowledge into our nutritional products, concepts and services in order to improve the results for the livestock farmer.

Working together is sharing knowledge

Progress is in our genes. Continually enriching our knowledge and experience is our foundation. That is why we are an open organisation that enters into partnership with numerous national and international organisations; always focused on further knowledge enrichment. It is our believe that the degree of openness during collaboration determines how successful you will be in the end. By not only focusing on your own research and results, we prevent missing out on solutions that are already available elsewhere.

Improving result for our livestock farmers, that's our ambition

We operate on a global basis and are always looking for new partners with which to collaborate. That is why we are able to acquire and collect knowledge and experience in many different countries, situations and circumstances. Ranging from large to small companies and from intensive to extensive livestock farming systems. Always for the same purpose: improved results for the livestock farmer!