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We believe in the principle that quality always prevails. This has been the basis for our work for over a hundred years. All our production locations meet the latest quality standards. Every day we try to improve our processes to ensure this: All with one goal; producing high quality products and offering high quality services. This is how we contribute to our customer’s quality, and how we help them to make progress.

Improving quality standards on a daily basis

Because of our international outlook, we are able to continue enhancing this knowledge and experience. However, we also benefit from our collaborations with the best educational institutes in the world. And let's not forget our own research companies, which convert fresh insights into new practical applications day in day out. On top of this, the approach to work and the service mentality of our employees also play a part in upholding our quality standards on a daily basis.

Certified for several international quality systems

To safeguard the quality of our products, but also the quality of the ingredients, we are certified for several international quality systems, such as:

  • ISO22000
  • AFMA

Investing in nutritional technology

We continually invest in applied research and production technology. We keep building and optimising laboratories, research facilities and factories. The same goes for our business processes. This is why our production sites are equipped with the most modern technologies. Always focused on safeguarding and continually expanding our quality criteria.