Rumi Products

29 July 2013
2 minutes

This conversion process is made possible by the animal’s rumen, filled with millions of rumen microbes, which act like a fermentation tank to break down the fibres and free the nutrients that the animal can convert into animal protein.  Under commercial circumstances, however, the grazing is not sufficient to support on-going production because of seasonality and shortages of essential nutrients in certain circumstances.

For sustainable and commercial farming purposes, it becomes necessary for licks and additional supplements to be used in order to increase production and to increase profits.  The Rumi range of supplements has specialised products that manipulate and supplement the rumen environment in order to enhance animal performance on a range of varying roughage. This is achieved through the use of our global knowledge of appropriate raw materials combined with the practical experience of extensive South African farming practices.

The Rumi Product Range offers extensive farmers all possible options in a compact range that varies from concentrates to full feeds that focus on profitability.


The RumiLick Range of products is formulated to be used under extensive farming conditions to ensure the following results:

  • Increasing population size of specific rumen bacteria for specific digestive requirements; 
  • Increasing the digestibility of any source of roughage because of an increased rumen bacterial population; 
  • Increasing the voluntary intake of grazing through an improved flow rate of the rumen contents; 
  • Compensating for specific shortages, ranging from protein, to energy, minerals and trace minerals; 
  • Creating a balance among all relevant nutrients essential for maximum production at minimum input; 
  • Limiting energy losses by means of methane gas production under certain circumstances;
  • Increasing reproduction through condition management, increased ovulation rate, milk production and egg formation.
The feedlot products in the RumiGrow Range, comprise knowledge that promotes a healthy rumen while maximum growth is stimulated. This range is aimed at making maximum use of farm produced cash crops and roughages, in combination with concentrates to create a variety of rations.

The RumiComplete Range of products consist of a range of balanced complete feeds to be used in zero grazing conditions. These complete products can be applied in feedlots, lambing pens and during times of drought or fodder scarcity.