Express Broiler Finisher

Express Broiler Finisher- V22290

A complete broiler finisher feed developed to meet the nutrient requirements of broilers from 32 days of age until slaughter. This feed is suitable for producers who are cost conscious, are selling their birds live or their housing and/or management do not allow for the birds to grow at their full genetic potential.

  • Complete Broiler Finisher feed

  • Feed from day 28 - slaughter

  • Economically priced

  • Ideal for small-medium sized broiler producers

  • Suitable for live or processed bird systems

  • Pelleted feed to encourage feed intake

  • Feed ad libitum

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Express Broiler Finisher

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Feed ad lib from 32 days of age until slaughter. There should be sufficient feeder space per bird. Feeders must always be kept clean and water must be available at all times.


1 500 g per bird from 32 days of age to slaughter.


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