A range of products to assist in producing Milk Solids

Alfalac Dairy Range

This range of feed was developed to supplement lusern based diets be it grazed, green chop or hay in a TMR based diet. Certain times of the year the only good quality roughage available is lusern. Based on the SynchroFOS figures for lusern the digestion patterns needed from our product is different from other ranges and thus required a different range of feed.

The Alfalac range has become ever popular in the South African market and has cemented a name for good performance in tough conditions.

Three products were developed to address every possible Lusern based scenario:

Alfalac Top – Designed for pure stand lusern systems
Alfalac Power – Designed for systems that make use of a combination of Lusern pasture and Lusern Hay
Alfalac Super – Designed for systems that only makes use of Lusern hay as a basis for the ration

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