Feed Expert

An essential concept that allows our Technical Advisors to provide practical and nutritional advice

Feed expert is a unique De Heus tool developed to implement the SynchroFOS concept in everyday situations on the farm level. It is a powerful nutrition program built on the foundation and principals of the SynchroFOS system. The feed expert concept allows a Technical Advisor to give sound practical and nutritional advice based on the current raw material components as analysed via Labo Expert and incorporating all the information to give the most effective solution.

Feed Expert also supply the farmer with an easy to use and understand printout to supply all relevant information needed to feed the dairy animals the best possible ration under the current farm conditions. It is linked with Milk Margin Monitor to help track the financial viability of the farm and point out areas for improvement.

Feed Expert is an integral part of the De Heus way of nutrition, the heartbeat that keeps it all together.

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