Milk Solids

A range of products to assist in producing Milk Solids

In an unstable dairy environment with fluctuating milk and feed prices, the farmer could sometimes feel that they have little control when it comes to milk price. There are however some variables that can be controlled to a degree by the farmer and the decisions he makes. One of these are milk solids and more specifically butterfat.

A need rose from Pasture-based dairy farmers to look into the development of a product-specific to the improvement of butterfat from pasture-based systems. In conjunction with technical personnel, local farmers and international knowhow De Heus was able to create a product range to address this request for most situations.

The Excelac range makes use of a combination of raw materials that have a positive effect on milk butterfat. Farm management still needs to be on point, good pasture availability is key, and a good rumen environment is pivotal to success. However, De Heus and its farmers have enjoyed good success in recent years on the Excelac. Based on this success more of these principals were applied to other products to help improve milk quality and in the end the profit Margin of the farmer.

If you are looking into different options of tackling milk solids, then contact one of your nearest De Heus Technical Advisors to find out if we have a product that can work in your circumstance.

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