RumiComplete Alpha Pellets

RumiComplete Alpha Pellets - V24933

RumiComplete Alpha Pellets is a complete feed for all ruminants that can be fed under diverse circumstances. It can be used in situations where grazing is limited or non-existent, such as an adaptation ration in feedlots, lambing pens, as an in-transit feed and also as a good quality drought feed for the core breeding herd.

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  • Complete feed to supplement roughage
  • Efficient high-spec drought feed for core herd
  • Cost effective finishing ration for small stock
  • Pre-lambing feed for non -synchronized ewes
  • All Rounder

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Feed ad lib to animals as needed, with free access to fresh water.


This product contains medicaments and should not be fed to horses. Read the medication label for more information.This product contain NPN sources – read the NPN warnings before using the product.


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