RumiComplete Feedlot Starter

RumiComplete Feedlot Starter - V30575

RumiComplete Feedlot Starter is a complete starter ration to be fed to feedlot animals. No adaptation is required before using this product, but it is advisable to feed animals that has been traveling and are on an empty stomach, roughage and water for the first day or two after arrival. This product contains CTC 20%. See label

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  • Zero to complete adaptation ration from day 1
  • Grow efficiently while adapting
  • Can be used for sheep/goat on a veterinarian prescription
  • Very well suited as treatment ration for sick animals
  • Ensure intact rumen for intensive systems

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RumiComplete Feedlot Starter should be fed as a starter ration for a minimum of 7 days and a maximum of 21 days for cattle. Feed ad lib. Animals should be withdrawn from this feed for seven days, before they can be slaughtered.


This product contains medicaments and should not be fed to horses. Read the medication label for more information This product contain NPN sources – read the NPN warnings before using the product



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