RumiLick Accelerator Plus

RumiLick Accelerator Plus - V24937

RumiLick Accelerator Plus is a production lick fed to growing calves and lambs on good quality pasture, after a period of growth on RumiLick Accelerator. This product focuses on fat deposition and grading of carcasses. It can also be used to finish off and fatten old cows and ewes on good quality pasture.

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  • Supplement for Growing breeding stock post weaning on good quality roughage
  • Reach ideal mating weight cost effectively and adds to condition
  • Better suited to background lambs/calves on good quality pasture, Lucerne, silage
  • Can be used as a creep feed for lambs in an extensive system
  • Very economical growing ration, for replacement stock

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Feed ad lib to lambs when their weight is 5kg from the desired slaughter weight and to calves 2 to 3 weeks before slaughetering, depending on the desired grading goals.


This product contains medicaments and should not be fed to horses. Read the medication label for more information.This product contain NPN sources – read the NPN warnings before using the product.


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