RumiLick Bovine 50

RumiLick Bovine 50 - V28649

Bovine 50 is a protein and trace mineral supplement for cattle during the dry season. Using this product will assist animals to maintain their body weight and condition while on grazing that is deficient in nutritional value and low in digestibility. This will increase their chances of conception and increase herd profitability.

  • Protein, trace mineral supplement for cattle during the dry season

  • Maintanance of body weight and condition on low quality grazing

  • Winterlick

  • Cost effective

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RumiLick Bovine 50

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Start supplementation when the quality of grazing starts to decline, which normally happens as soon as the grass produces seed. Supply licks daily if possible. When the recommended intake is exceeded frequently, it could be an indication that the grazing is insufficient and that animals need to be moved to fresh paddocks.


This product contain NPN sources. Read the NPN warnings before using the product.


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