RumiLick Multimax Concentrate

RumiLick Multimax Concentrate- V24942

RumiLick Multimax Concentrate is a low NPN containing concentrate with growth promoters, that should be mixed with own grains and other raw materials to create maintenance and production licks for cattle and sheep. This product is specifically designed for sheep during lambing.

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  • One product to supply all required bypass protein and trace minerals
  • Highly effective concentrate to create a production and maintenance supplement
  • Perfect option for intensive production system
  • Mix with grain and roughage to create a lactation ration for ewes
  • Use also as a creep feed concentrate

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This product contain NPN sources – read the NPN warnings before using the product. This is a concentrate and must not be fed unmixed. Read the feeding recommendations before using this product. This product contains medicaments and should not be fed to horses. Read the medication label for more information


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