Exclusive Lactating Sow

Exclusive Lactating Sow - V22337

A complete meal or pelleted feed for lactating sows designed to ensure good milk production and piglet growth.

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  • A Complete Lactating Sow Feed
  • Developed to meet the Nutrient requirement of Lactating Sows
  • Ensuring Good Milk Production, Litter Growth and Piglet Development
  • Restrict the feed allocation for the first 3 days after farrowing and then ad lib up to weaning

More Product Related Info:

Grain products, processed grain by-products, plant protein products, animal protein products, oils & fats, vitamins, minerals & antioxidants, enzymes, processed sugar products, zootechnical additives.
This feed may contain GMO raw materials.

Restrict the feed allocation for the first 3 days after farrowing. Then feed to appetite by feeding 3 – 4 times per day to stimulate regular feed intake.

There should be sufficient feeder space per pig. Feeders must always be kept clean, and water must be always available.

Available in 50 kg bags or in bulk loads.


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