NutriCam Gilt Lactation

NutriCam Gilt Lactation - V30181

A complete lactating gilt feed developed to meet the nutrient requirements of lactating gilts to ensure good milk production, piglet growth and gilt growth during the first and second lactations.

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  • A Complete Gilt Lactating Feed
  • Developed to meet the nutrient requirements of Lactating Gilts
  • Want to minimize gilt body condition losses
  • Target feed intake between 1,8-2,0kg + 500gr per suckling piglet per day
  • Want to maximize daily feed intake for good milk and litter growth production soon after farrowing
  • Ensure Lactating Gilts has Sufficient Milk Production, Piglet Production & Growth and Gilt Growth during 1st & 2nd Lactations

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Restrict feed for the first 3 to 5 days after farrowing and then feed ad lib or feed 3 times a day until weaning. Target feed intake guideline should be 1,8 – 2,0 kg plus 0,5 kg per suckling piglet per day. The goal is to maximize daily feed intake as soon after farrowing as possible to ensure maximum milk production and litter growth and minimizing gilt body weight loss. Feeders must always be kept clean and water must always be available.


1,8 – 2,0 kg per day plus 0,5 kg per piglet.


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