NutriCam Paylean Finisher

NutriCam Paylean Finisher - V30179

A complete pig grower feed developed to meet the nutrient requirements of growing pigs to optimise feed efficiency and maximize growth between 126 days of ageto slaughter.

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  • A Complete Pig Grower Feed
  • Meeting the Nutrient requirements of growing pigs
  • Feed is used a part of a phased grower feed programme with the Nutricam Grower 1 & Nutricam Grower 2
  • Phased feeding Programme to optimize growth & Performance under different environmental conditions
  • Feed Ad Lib from 126 days up to slaughter

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Feed ad lib for between 21 to 28 days from 126 days of age through to slaughter. This feed should be used as part of a phased grower feed programme with the NutriCam Grower 1 & NutriCam Grower 2 to optimize growth performance under different environmental conditions. The NutriCam Finisher can be used in conjunction or in place of this diet. To ensure optimum growth there should be sufficient feeder space per pig. Feeders must always be kept clean and water must always be available.


80 kg per pig from 126 days of age to slaughter.



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