Porcare Pre-Farrow

Porcare Pre-Farrow - V24593

A complete dry sow feed developed to reduce the chance of constipation in gilts and sows after farrowing.

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  • To be fed 5 to 7 days pre-partum at 2.5 to maximum of 3.5kg per day
  • Specially Formulated to Supply Sow with Sufficient Nutrients & Fiber
  • Transition Feed between Gestating Ration & Lactating Ration
  • Combating and easing Udder Tension
  • Helps Prevent Constipation

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Feed 3,0 – 3,5 kg 5 - 7 days before farrowing. Feeders must always be kept clean and water must be available at all times.


3,0 – 3,5 kg per day 5 - 7 days prior to farrowing.


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