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De Heus aims for the best results, the highest quality and improved performance, because when our customers do well, so do we! That is why we are focussed on helping our customers to advance their business through our customised feeding strategies. Dairy nutrition lies at the heart of De Heus business and we have over years developed a love and knowledge base for dairy nutrition to help farmers improve their business and keep on moving forward.

De Heus has certain concepts at the core of its nutrition and approach. A concept is defined as an idea, plan or scheme, designed for a specific instance or occurrence. In short, it is a plan to address a certain need. De Heus makes use of concepts as it aids in understanding the bigger picture. It gives structure to the guidance Technical Advisors provides to clients and gives Technical Advisors responsibility over a bigger portion of the farmer’s business. Concepts are an integral part of the way in which De Heus approaches the dairy industry.


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