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Dairy Product Range

The basis of dairy cow nutrition is roughage. Up to seventy-five percent of all digestion can be done in the rumen. To add to that, roughage is usually the most cost-effective form of energy and protein available to the dairy farmer. With this being said, it only makes sense if the goal of every dairy farmer would be to make the most efficient use of roughages produced on the farm and for that reason for De Heus to base their product ranges on these variable roughage sources.

The SyncroFOS system succeeds in dairy cow nutrition, by synchronizing rumen fermentation to the most efficient possible outcome. Supplying the right quantity and quality of protein and energy at the right moment by integrating the knowledge from the SynchroFOS system with tools and concepts such as Labo Expert, for in-depth analysis, and Feed Expert for tailored on-farm rations. Improving digestion, production while utilizing more farm produced roughage will also improve margins to help improve the overall sustainability of the dairy business unit.

The adapted feed range of De Heus SA is based on the know-how and practical experience of rumen digestion not only in South Africa but also worldwide.

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