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Sheep form an integral part of many production systems in the South African agricultural sector. As with cattle, they convert grazing on inarable land into meat, mohair and wool with the help of rumen microbes in extensive grazing systems. Although the rumen function of small stock is similar to the rumen function of cattle, small stock have different grazing patterns and feeding requirements compared to cattle. This includes a bigger portion of browsing in some species. The use of a proper- and at times a more intensive production system - differentiates the feeding requirements of small stock even further.

Production of wool

The production of wool and mohair also creates a different demand for specific nutrients in feed. Therefore we have prodused a range of feeds which we are continuously expanding so that they cater for every need, from the supplementary feed in extensive grazing scenarios, to complete feeds for intensive system specific scenarios.

The right feed for every situation

The selection of specific supplements for small stock will depend on the production system used and the quality and quantity of roughage available, as well as the production stage of the animals. This might vary from low levels of supplementation to supplying trace minerals, protein and/or energy, to complete feeds in lambing pens and feedlots.

Our advisors

Our technical advisors will help farmers to make the correct choice of products for the specific production systems that are used. They will also give advice on how to increase the conception rate, weaning percentages, weaning weight and the profitability of the enterprise. We do regular on-farm visits to monitor progress and improve production systems where necessary. For more information please feel free to contact our specialists