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Back to Basics

Back to Basics

Striving for better health

For advice about your health problems in pigs you can rely on a General Health Advisor or reference to a Veterinarian practitioner from De Heus? De Heus is indeed a partner that stands for progress. The swine veterinarian conducts research and provides advice on issues related to disease and can also give input on nutrition. Together with you and your vet De Heus is working for the optimal health of your pigs. Our advisors also develop instruments to bring the management skills of pig farmers to a higher level to help them to achieve even greater returns.


A good climate is essential for the health and thus the growth of your pigs. You can seek advice from De Heus. An advisor in various fields will be on standby and will use their expertise to help you to get ahead or refer you to an in-house specialist.

Own research facilities

To always be ahead in the nutritional field, we support our own Research & Development Department with university-trained nutritionists and product managers in the Netherlands. This department has excellent test facilities for pigs. The tests are designed in such a way that even small improvements can be demonstrated.