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Broiler breeders

There is a fine balancing act with broiler breeder genetics – maximizing egg production while maintaining broiler growth potential. Our broiler breeder rations are designed to help the farm manager to maximise egg production while controlling body weight.

Our focus

We pay particular attention to feed structure and raw material quality so that you can realise the potential profitability of your business.

We aim to maximise the profitability of your broiler breeder business by optimising:

  • the bird’s growth pattern during rear
  • egg production of settable eggs during production
  • fertility and hatchability

We regularly review our specifications in light of new information from the commercial breed companies, developments in nutritional research and technology advances regarding the use of feed raw materials.

Different types of poultry feed

De Heus offers poultry feed for broiler breeders in production and rearing phase also a ration specifically designed for cockerels in production can be manufactured if required. Please contact our poultry specialist for more information.