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To get the best performance from your broilers, meeting the requirements is essential. The nutrient requirement varies with environment (temperature, humidity, day length), state (genetics, age, health status) and management (housing, feeding systems, vaccination programmes). Your target market will determine the feed range and feeding programme that is best suited to your business.

Broiler feed

Our broiler feed is available in crumble format for young birds and pellets for older birds to maximise feed intake. It is  medicated with a coccidiostat and growth promoter as standard.

Our focus

We aim to maximise the profitability of your broiler business by optimising:

  • the bird’s growth
  • feed cost per kg of growth

We regularly review our specifications in light of new information from the commercial breed companies, developments in nutritional research and technology advances regarding the use of feed raw materials.

Five and three phase programs

De Heus offers five phase programs (Excel and Extreme), consisting of a starter, pre-grower, grower, finisher and post finisher and three phase programs (Siyakhula and Express) consisting of a starter, grower, finisher and a maintance broiler feed. Please contact our broilers specialist for more information.