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Laying hens

Feed for laying hens

Laying hens in production are fed ad lib; they adjust intake according to their nutrient requirement.De Heus has developed production feed with differing nutrient density to allow the best economic choice at a given stage of the hens’ production cycle.

We focus on feed structure and raw material quality to help you to realise the potential profitability of your business.

Our focus

We aim to maximise the profitability of your commercial layer business by optimising:

  • the numbers of eggs produced
  • eggshell quality
  • yolk colour
  • egg size
  • feed cost per dozen eggs produced

We regularly review our specifications in light of new information from the commercial breed companies, developments in nutritional research and technology regarding the use of feed raw materials.

Different types of feed

De Heus offers poultry feed for laying hens in production, feed for rearing hens and also concentrates for use with your own maize supply,  are available. Please contact our poultry specialist for more information.